The Power of Proteins in Dulse


Proteins are key to the health and diet of humans—they are essential for creating enzymes, regulating hormones, moving oxygen throughout the body, building and repairing muscle, and fortifying bones and cartilage. North American consumers have developed a tremendous appetite for protein—and not just from poultry, red meat, fish, and eggs. The high protein content in […]

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Looking for Prebiotic Fiber Foods? Dulse Is a Good Source


Most people are aware that regularly adding dietary fiber is essential for good health. The food industry usually sources dietary fiber from terrestrial sources, however, a red seaweed known as dulse (Palmaria palmata) is also a rich source of complex dietary fiber and this complexity sets dulse apart as a potent prebiotic. Dulse contains the […]

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What’s Your Diet Missing? 4 Health Benefits of Dulse Seaweed


We all know you are what you eat, but what about what you don’t eat? Deficiencies in key nutrients, mineral or bioactive compounds can result in undesirable health outcomes as well. The good news is consumers recognize the need to make up any shortcomings of their diets, hence the projected 8.9% growth rate of the […]

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