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How beer looks to the naked eye plays a big part in its marketability. Even if the taste is exceptional, consumers might be turned away if the wrong style has a cloudy, hazy or opaque quality.

Yes, beer culture evolves, but since the switch from tankards to glassware in the 19th century, there’s been a marketing push for styles ranging from ales to pilsners and lagers. From homebrewers to microbreweries, finding the right beer clarifying agent is key to surviving without a water filtration system.    

Irish Moss is one of the go-to clarifiers for brewers, both large and small, but many people are only familiar with Chondrus crispus and might not think to use another red seaweed from the family. However, brewers who have switched to Chondracanthus chamissoi, a red seaweed from the same family, see similar results. Here’s what you need to know.

Chondracanthus chamissoi 101

With the variety of seaweed harvested along global coastlines, it makes sense that brewers have stuck to the seaweeds they know. Wading into the science to find another marine resource with the right clarifying properties could be an overwhelming prospect if done alone. Yet Chondracanthus chamissoi, native to the western coast of South America, grows naturally in similar conditions and temperatures to Chondrus crispus in the Northern hemisphere.

In Peruvian communities, the seaweed is known as yuyo or mococho and has been consumed fresh for generations. As trade has gone global, Chondracanthus chamissoi has popularized as an ingredient in salads and soups across Asia as well as gaining recognition in the brewing community.

How It Works as a Clarifying Agent

This South American red seaweed is easy to use. Much like Chondrus crispus, it can be added to the wort at the end of the boiling stage.

The polysaccharides found in Chondracanthus chamissoi have a negative charge and attract positively charged protein from the hot break. This biological haze accumulates in clumps, simplifying the ability of brewers to remove them from the wort and improve the brightness of beer.

For homebrewers and brewery suppliers, using Chondracanthus chamissoi for wort clarification ensures larger supplies of this all-natural ingredient are available to the market. When beer connoisseurs can pour out clear and reliable brews every time, they’ll be happy customers.


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