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Acadian SeaPlus™ Releases New Chondracanthus chamissoi Seaweed Product to Global Markets


HALIFAX, Nova Scotia – Acadian SeaPlus™, an all-natural seaweed company that provides premium seaweed products for a variety of human uses, is eager to announce the availability of Chondracanthus chamissoi to consumers across the global market. This species of wild-harvested seaweed will complement the current varieties available from Acadian, helping to increase the health and […]

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Is Seaweed the Next Game-Changing Trend in Hair Care Products?


From shea butter and coconut oil to banana-based products and rice water treatments, consumers crave natural hair care ingredients that make them look and feel good – without the threat of harmful side effects. Historically, the mainstream hair care industry has responded to that demand in fits and starts, but what if your brand could […]

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How Seaweed Can Help Improve Your Brain-Gut Connection and Your Mental Health


  When visiting their psychiatrist, most people would be surprised if the doctor prescribed a daily dosage of seaweed, yet there’s growing evidence that this all-natural resource can contribute to better mental health. A return of interest in the brain-gut connection is part of an approach to more holistic mental health treatments. Here’s why more […]

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Struggling with Anxiety & Depression? These 5 Foods Can Help You Stay Resilient


  This year almost seems designed to test everyone’s sense of wellbeing. The pandemic, economic uncertainty, extreme weather conditions and other sources of stress have brought millions of people to their boiling point. In fact, a June 2020 survey conducted by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention found that 31% of Americans are dealing […]

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Is Fucoidan Good for Cancer? Here’s How Seaweed Supports Cancer Treatments


  What’s the best way to treat cancer? Surgery? Chemotherapy? Immunotherapy? Though the treatment always depends on the type of cancer, many conventional therapies are known to take a physical toll on the body. In the hopes of providing patients with milder treatments, the medical and scientific communities are exploring alternative therapy to this disease. […]

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