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Wellness Ingredients

Premium Seaweed Products for People.

Improving lives. Naturally.

Wild-harvested seaweeds are rich in nutrients and bioactive ingredients that, when used in premium products, provide people with comprehensive benefits – from the inside out.


Our sustainable harvesting and processing practices not only retain the maximum amount of nutrients and minerals within each package of Acadian SeaPlus™ but preserve this extraordinary natural resource for future generations.


Find out how using Acadian SeaPlus™ seaweeds in your products help you satisfy consumers’ wants and needs.


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Consumers are increasingly seeking all-natural supplements made from ingredients they can trust are safe for human consumption. By using Acadian SeaPlus™ Wellness Ingredients, you can say with confidence that you’re providing 100% natural, organically-certified supplements that contribute to the health and wellness of your customers.

Functional Food

Food fortified with nutrient-dense, all-natural ingredients can maximize the health of consumers worldwide. Acadian SeaPlus™ provides organic, food-safe ingredients available to functional food formulators to incorporate for greater health and wellbeing in the people who consume them.


More consumers want to limit the number of artificial ingredients and chemicals in their daily lives, making all-natural, clean-label ingredients especially attractive in their cosmetics. Acadian SeaPlus™ products provide your brand products with natural, full-potency seaweed ingredients that increase appeal by improving quality with organic ingredients.


The fermentation process is precise and requires high-quality ingredients to achieve the desired result. With Acadian SeaPlus™ Irish Moss, brewers receive an all-natural clarifier, rooted in traditional practices, that reduces haze production and improves the appearance of each batch of commercial beer.



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Wild-Harvested and Traceable

Our coastal waters are an abundant source of nutrient-rich seaweeds. Through our wild-harvesting and traceable practices, we provide clean, high-quality seaweed products with a low environmental footprint.

Sustainable Practices

Our shared future depends on conscious sustainability. That’s why Acadian SeaPlus™ products are hand-harvested from mature biomass sites, leaving enough of the plant to regrow at sustainable rates.

Quality Processes

Acadian SeaPlus™ products are processed with premier quality in mind. We practise natural solar and wind drying to maximize bioactive compounds, and process products in audited and controlled facilities. This results in superior ingredients to elevate your brand products.

Forget the Fountain of Youth! De-Age Your Skin with a Little Seaweed

February 11, 2020 | Cosmetics

UV radiation. Highly processed foods. Alcohol. Sedentary lifestyles. Cold temperatures. Human skin suffers through a great deal of stress on a regular basis. Though we can’t turn back the hands of time, modern cosmetics masterfully conceal the impact these stressors have on our skin. What worries some consumers is the further negative impact that synthetic […]




  • As the global leader in fucoidan science, Marinova values the longstanding relationship we have with Acadian Seaplants. Together we share a genuine commitment to sustainably sourcing wild seaweeds from pristine waters.


    Paul Garrott

    CEO & Managing Director