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What am I putting on my skin? It’s a question more of your customers want answers to. As many as 90% of consumers now believe natural or naturally-derived beauty ingredients are better for them. Formulators need to make cosmetics that help people look their best and nourish their skin.

The trick is finding all-natural, clean-label ingredients with the same level of quality as synthetic ones. As it is with many industries, seaweed presents itself as a promising ingredient for the beauty and cosmetics industry to use in skincare formulations. Look at just four of the benefits of seaweed skincare products, below.


Your customers want skincare products that leave their skin looking refreshed. Many companies use synthetic humectants to draw moisture from the lower layers of the skin to the epidermis, but seaweed provides natural sources of these substances. The polysaccharides readily available in various seaweed species help skin maintain its elasticity and healthy appearance. 

UV Protection

These days, consumers are more aware of the potential threats of UV radiation. Yet rather than just slathering on sunscreen that is harmful to ecosystems (and potentially their blood stream), consumers want eco-friendly, human-safe alternatives. Researchers are investigating how palythine, an amino acid found in seaweed, can absorb harmful rays and protect your customers’ skin from UV damage.

Skin Renewal

As a barrier against harmful external conditions, human skin accumulates plenty of oils and chemicals on a regular basis. The rich nutrients found in seaweed skincare products help consumers detoxify their skin and replenish the essential vitamins and minerals used during normal functioning. As a result, your customers’ skin looks brighter and healthier – without using chemicals that repeat the cycle.

The Right Viscosity and Hold

What good are all of these benefits if the products themselves don’t stick to the skin? That’s the struggle for many formulators. Creating an authentic natural product, not just greenwashing a brand, is a difficult challenge.

There are a range of options for natural emulsifiers, but few choices for the surfactants needed to increase spreading and wetting properties. The right seaweed species provide both – either via specific carrageenan-based molecules in red seaweeds or by utilizing various mannuronate moieties found in brown seaweeds. With only a few natural ingredients, you can provide customers with skincare products that spread easily and adhere to their skin.

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