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UV radiation. Highly processed foods. Alcohol. Sedentary lifestyles. Cold temperatures. Human skin suffers through a great deal of stress on a regular basis. Though we can’t turn back the hands of time, modern cosmetics masterfully conceal the impact these stressors have on our skin. What worries some consumers is the further negative impact that synthetic products will have on their skin.

Yet there’s good news! There’s an all-natural alternative: seaweed. Here’s how seaweed (with its many bioactive compounds) can help keep skin looking fresh and younger, safely concealing the signs of aging. 

It Fights Oxidization

Too much oxygen isn’t a good thing. In fact, oxidative stress (often in the form of free radicals) can do significant damage to our cells, organs, and other biological systems. Antioxidants counterbalance the harmful effects of free radicals, helping to prevent or mitigate the damage these oxidative compounds cause. When consumers apply the antioxidant-rich peptides and amino acids found in seaweed, they’re helping their skin to fight free radicals and delay the effects of the aging process.

It Hydrates Your Skin

As people age, their skin progressively loses the ability to retain moisture. That matters because regular and natural hydration gives the epidermis a fuller, younger appearance, reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Many of the polysaccharides and amino acids found in seaweed act as humectants, helping skin to retain moisture when used in a topical application. That way, your customers can give their skin the moisture they to keep a fresher and healthier appearance.

It Promotes Collagen Production

Collagen plays an important role in providing your skin with structure and firmness. It’s a key contributor to keeping an overall youthful and healthy appearance. Yet studies show that the human body gradually begins to slow down its collagen production when we reach our early 20s. Some of the peptides found in seaweed have been shown to stimulate ETM components like collagen in a way that increases neocollagenesis (i.e. the production of new collagen). This leads to a reduction in wrinkles and age lines that naturally arise from a life well lived.

It’s All-Natural

As we mentioned before, one of the major benefits of seaweed skincare products is that it offers all of these advantages without the help of synthetic compounds. Your customers get better hydration, more antioxidants, and increased collagen production from one cost-effective ingredient. That means a youthful appearance and peace of mind for your customer – and a healthier bottom line for your business. 

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