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With the holidays just around the corner, you want to find something special for everyone on your shopping list. Even if you’re ahead of the game and bought your fair share of big-ticket items, having a few extra surprises (or goodies) around is always a crowd pleaser.

Whether you want some assorted items for a gift exchange or a few fun little presents to fill your stockings, there are plenty of options to satisfy your loved ones and minimize your impact on the environment. We’re eager to help. Here’s a list of four eco-friendly stocking stuffers that are better for the planet and include what we know best: seaweed.

1.) Nova Scotia Fisherman– Candy Cane Soap Bar

Nothing says the holidays are here quite like the smell of peppermint and cinnamon candy canes. These fragrances are now available in 100% natural and handmade soap that will give your friends and family the gift of smooth and soft skin.

Nova Scotia Fisherman combines cassia essential oils and sea kelp from the Bay of Fundy to infuse every bar with anti-inflammatory properties. Thanks to their policy of zero animal testing as well as their recyclable and compostable packaging, you can take comfort in the fact that you’re buying products without a major impact on the natural world.

2.) Ecopiggy – EarthPaint Non-Toxic Children’s Face Paint

What about the kiddos? You can’t go wrong with little gifts that help them explore their creativity. With eco-friendly children’s paint, you can help cultivate their artistic side without having to worry about their safety.

Products like the Ecopiggy children’s face paint provide kids of all ages with paint that is made from organic ingredients and washes off with water. Using natural food colouring ranging from seaweed extracts to vegetable oils, this product contains all-natural ingredients that exhibit vibrant pigments with every use.

3.) Wayward Chickadee – Seaweed & Citrus Lip Balm

As temperatures drop and cold winter air irritates exposed skin, people everywhere are itching for a little relief. The right product can help to moisturize chapped lips and keep your impact on the environment low. Seaweed is the perfect part of any eco-friendly stocking stuffer’s recipe.  

Wayward Chickadee offers a green lip balm from a mix of sunflower seed oil, beeswax, Fucus vesiculosus extract, and various other all-natural ingredients. With tubes made of cardboard and a cruelty-free commitment, these are gifts you can hand out without hurting your conscience.

4.) Barnacle Foods – Bullwhip Hot Sauce

How about those foodies in your life? Are they the type of people who come prepared to eat wings or fried cauliflower with their own bottle of hot sauce? You can add to their collection this holiday season with a recipe that blends heat and environmental consciousness in every bottle.

Barnacle Foods created their Bullwhip Kelp and Piri Piri Hot Sauce to share some of their favorite spicy and umami ingredients in one delicious condiment. Made in Alaska, this sauce uses wild-harvested seaweed, requiring no fertilizer or land to grow. Your purchase supports coastal communities and lowers the footprint of your overall holiday purchases. 

Are you looking to get your hands on these eco-friendly stocking stuffers? Reach out to learn about the products that use our all-natural seaweed.


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