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From full-blown vegans to omnivorous flexitarians, consumers want far more plants in their diets. There’s a growing appetite for grub that puts a fast-food spin on plant-based eats, especially dishes that make people’s mouths water from the image alone. And the restaurant sector appears happy to oblige.

For example, consumers saw a 1,320% increase in vegan menu options between the start of the pandemic and halfway through 2021. The trick for restauranteurs is finding a wide variety of ingredients that are vegetarian or vegan certified. With that in mind, here’s why our Hana Tsunomata® products, which are 100% plant-based food ingredients, should be on your inventory list.  

They Are 100% Free of Animal Ingredients

Many consumers who seek out plant-based certifications on food packaging or menus do so because of an ethical concern for animals’ wellbeing. They want to know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that no animals were harmed during the making of their next meal. That can be easier said than done.

Often, chefs cook veggie dishes with butter or fat, making them inedible to people on a vegan diet. Some manufacturers will use animal products in the finishing or the completion process. In the cases of wild harvested products, there’s an extra layer of scrutiny required to ensure no animals were scooped up during the resource-gathering process.

We remove that risk with Hana Tsunomata® brand. Our land-based seaweed farming methods bring control and quality to the growing process. Each batch of our edible Chondrus crispus is grown in one of our large cultivation tanks, where we can optimize nutrient levels and sanitation as well as curb the exposure of our seaweed to other forms of life. So, our customers not only get uniform and colorful seaweed fronds with every package, but an assurance that no animals were harmed during the production process.

They Are Shelf Stable

Think of the shelf life of your average fruit or vegetable. Most last for a few weeks before wilting. The heartier potatoes, gourds, or similar options can last for several months, but even then, there’s a risk that the appearance can dwindle if a dish goes through fluctuations in demand. The more shelf stable products you can buy, the safer your investment in vegan meals for your customers.

Hana Tsunomata® makes the move to plant-based food ingredients much safer for your bottom line. By dehydrating our colorful seaweed products, we extend the life of your purchase well beyond normal plant-based food ingredients. Each package of Hana Tsunomata® can easily last for three years (though your customers will have scarfed it up long before then).

Finding the Right Mix of Ingredients

As with any restaurant, the ingredients you choose boil down to those that blend well with your menu. You won’t expect to buy Tajín if you’re serving up Polish cuisine or tahini if sushi dominates your specials. However, there are some plant-based food ingredients which satisfy a range of recipes and palates.

Our Hana Tsunomata® seaweed can be used in about as many ways as you can imagine. Rehydrated, it’s the perfect garnish to add an eye-catching blend of green, pink, and yellow to a delicious but single-hued dish. Dehydrated, you can leave it intact for the crunch of a vegan-friendly sandwich or grind it up for a similar crispiness in a vegan spread or imitation cream cheese. The flavor is subtle enough that it pairs well with just about any type of cuisine.

Chefs who use our products are creating new recipes all the time, finding out the true variety of our all-natural seaweed. Adding color, texture, and flavor to your vegan dishes will never be easier.

Looking for new plant-based food ingredients for your growing vegan menu? Find out about our Hana Tsunomata® products.


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