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In the restaurant business, presentation is everything. If your dish can catch the eye of a customer from across the room or as they are scrolling through their Instagram feed, then you’ll have a better chance of getting them to order your best menu items. How you entice them has as much to do with the methods of preparation as the flavor of the dish itself.

One ingredient that many chefs are surprised to learn can make plates pop is seaweed. Most people only think of edible seaweed like nori, which offers a deep yet muted color to complement brighter dishes, or seaweed salad, which though more vibrant, offers a limited color palate. Yet chefs using our Hana Tsunomata® seaweed are astonished by how it’s upped their fine dining plating. Here’s what you need to know about this colorful seaweed.

Seaweed Designed for Stunning Plates

When you have your focus ingredient in mind for a dish, you want to find edible garnishes or sides that complement your vision or even bring it to life. Since many proteins or even starches aren’t all that splashy alone, you can bring in some color with the right adornment.

Imagine those fronds of seaweed on each plate. The multi-colored bouquet of pink, yellow and green create a contrast that is striking, implying that if diners skip this dish, they’ll be missing out on an experience. Moreover, our Hana Tsunomata® seaweed yields to larger dishes, creating a balance that doesn’t overpower the main course, with a unique texture that adds complexity to most dishes. It whets customers’ appetites before they take their first bite.



A Great Choice for Diets Everywhere

Even though plating is about the visualization, there’s an added component these days that often isn’t discussed: adhering to a wide array of dietary choices and restrictions while presenting something mouth-watering. In that way, Hana Tsunomata® is an excellent choice.

Our bright seaweed is derived from a strain of Chondrus crispus seaweed we have since cultivated on land to bring out the rich colors and create a reliable supply for customers. What you see as the pink (Aka), green (Midori) and yellow (Kiku) colors are brought out during our pigment extraction process without the aid of artificial colors or dyes. Without additives, you receive a product that is gluten-free as well as certified vegan, Kosher and Halal.

Hana Tsunomata® gives your kitchen a product that looks great, tastes good and fits just about every diet. Plus, your customers will fall in love with your plated dish long before their tastebuds do.

Though we’ve given some reasons why Hana Tsunomata® is great for fine dining plating, you might wonder how it tastes. Find out for yourself! Request a sample from us and incorporate it into one of the following recipes.


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