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HALIFAX, Nova Scotia – Acadian SeaPlus™, an all-natural seaweed company that provides premium seaweed products for a variety of human uses, is eager to announce the availability of Chondracanthus chamissoi to consumers across the global market. This species of wild-harvested seaweed will complement the current varieties available from Acadian, helping to increase the health and wellbeing of people from natural seaweed products.  

Chondracanthus chamissoi is a red algae species with a rich pink hue found throughout the coastal waters of Chile and Peru. While growing in the cold, low salinity waters of the Peru Current, this seaweed species develops a supply of iodine, protein, carrageenan and other nutrients. Once the seaweed is harvested, it is safe and beneficial for use in a variety of products ranging from functional food and nutraceuticals to cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and even brewing.

“There are so many promising uses for Chondracanthus chamissoi,” said Lida Lindquist, Manager, Market Development, Specialty Ingredients at Acadian Seaplants. “The level of carrageenan make C. chamissoi a perfect ingredient to thicken, emulsify and preserve foods as well as keep cosmetics smooth and hydrating. Additionally, the anti-inflammatory and thyroid-health properties of this species will provide more all-natural alternatives to nutraceutical and pharmaceutical companies.”

With their emphasis on sustainability and eco-friendly practices, Acadian SeaPlus™ applies their sustainable seaweed harvesting experience to keep this seaweed product ethically sourced. All of the Acadian SeaPlus™ Chondracanthus chamissoi will be hand-harvested by local trained divers, using careful studies of coastal sea beds to determine the appropriate harvesting season. Even then, harvesters will only trim enough seaweed biomass for the holdfast to remain healthy and regrow.

“As part of the global Acadian Seaplants family, we recognize that this wonderful marine resource and the ecosystems where they grow are a gift,” said Holly Reardon, Brand Strategist at Acadian Seaplants. “Every member of our team works hard to keep our eco-footprint to a minimum and bring high quality, traceable and clean products through every stage of our manufacturing process.”

Want to learn more about the Chondracanthus chamissoi benefits that can help improve people’s lives naturally? Reach out to the Acadian SeaPlus™ team to unlock the secrets of seaweed.


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