3 Ways Seaweed Supplements & Extracts Can Transform Women’s Health


Though every person has different health risks, your gender heavily influences yours. For example, women are at a greater risk of conditions including osteoporosis, stroke and migraines. During different life stages, women may also face a higher probability of developing iodine deficiency, metabolic syndrome, or other ailments which can impact quality of life. Of course, […]

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How Seaweed Can Help Improve Your Brain-Gut Connection and Your Mental Health


  When visiting their psychiatrist, most people would be surprised if the doctor prescribed a daily dosage of seaweed, yet there’s growing evidence that this all-natural resource can contribute to better mental health. A return of interest in the brain-gut connection is part of an approach to more holistic mental health treatments. Here’s why more […]

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Struggling with Anxiety & Depression? These 5 Foods Can Help You Stay Resilient


  This year almost seems designed to test everyone’s sense of wellbeing. The pandemic, economic uncertainty, extreme weather conditions and other sources of stress have brought millions of people to their boiling point. In fact, a June 2020 survey conducted by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention found that 31% of Americans are dealing […]

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How Seaweed Might Lessen the Harm Done by Diabetes Comorbidities


  For people with diabetes, there’s a clear before and after diagnosis. Counting carbs, monitoring blood sugar levels, and insulin shots are now part of a circumscribed routine. Choices about meals and exercise need to be made with real-time glucose levels in mind. What if the right treatment could lessen that burden? Could natural supplements […]

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Can a Seaweed Extract Prevent the Spread of COVID-19?


  Of all the discoveries and breakthroughs around COVID-19 (and there’s been so much to follow), one particular study caught our attention. Researchers recently conducted a study that demonstrated promising results with a specific seaweed extract as a preventative measure against the disease. Even the World Health Organization recognized the potential of seaweed as a […]

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