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Webinar: The Secrets of Seaweed: Wellness Solutions for Food, Nutraceutical and Cosmetics Product Formulations


Although seaweeds have been around for over 2.5 billion years, many of us are unaware of the unique complex bioactive compounds that these marine plants contain compared to terrestrial plants. As such, seaweeds can provide natural nutritional and functional benefits for product formulations across the functional food, nutraceutical and cosmetics sectors.     Seaweed has […]

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Seaweed is a Gift to Organic Food Manufacturing. Here’s How


Organic food is no longer a specialty item. It’s spread beyond the food co-ops of college towns and the West Coast into the pantries and refrigerators of 30% of American households. Those who eat organic food believe it’s healthier, tastier, and more nutritious – creating a readymade and devoted customer base for formulators. If you […]

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Want Better Organic Ingredients? Seaweed Enhances Your Products in 3 Ways


Consumers are developing a healthy appetite for organic food. In 2018 alone, the U.S. organic market reached $52.5 billion, showing that people are more than willing to pay for food that is free of chemicals and synthetic-additives. Yet some in the food and nutraceutical industries are still hesitant to go organic, worrying about replacing reliable […]

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