Want Better Organic Ingredients? Seaweed Enhances Your Products in 3 Ways


Consumers are developing a healthy appetite for organic food. In 2018 alone, the U.S. organic market reached $52.5 billion, showing that people are more than willing to pay for food that is free of chemicals and synthetic-additives. Yet some in the food and nutraceutical industries are still hesitant to go organic, worrying about replacing reliable […]

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Do Kelp Dietary Supplements Work? What the Science Says


We’re at a point where nobody can claim ignorance about the obesity epidemic. Government agencies, First Ladies, primary care physicians, health and wellness bloggers, and others regularly remind us that almost 40% of Americans and 28% of Canadians are obese. Yet rather than prompting people to reduce their BMI, waist line and cholesterol levels, these […]

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