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Seaweed is an incredible natural resource. Coastal communities have witnessed its benefits for generations, but now the scientific community is finally catching up. In 2021, we discussed a variety of benefits for industries ranging from hair care, oral care and mental health to the brewing, food and beverage and CPG industries. If you missed any of our spotlights on the latest innovations, you can see them all here and find out how seaweed might be the perfect fit for your business or lifestyle.


Struggling with Anxiety & Depression? These 5 Foods Can Help You Stay Resilient

Though many situations are often outside of your control, how you respond to stressors that cause anxiety and depression determine your ability to overcome them. Proper exercise, ample sleep, mindfulness practices and a healthy diet are vital for those people who want to stay resilient or regain control of their wellbeing. In fact, studies show that if you include five of these super foods as a regular part of your diet, you are more likely to weather the worst moods during stressful times.

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How Seaweed Can Help Improve Your Brain-Gut Connection and Your Mental Health

Over the last few years, people have been struggling to maintain their mental health as they deal with the added stress of the pandemic and global upheaval as well as the challenges of their daily lives. Rather than prescribing antidepressants, what if there was a more holistic solution out there? New research is exploring the ways that treating the gut first with ample prebiotics can help to address depression and anxiety. Here is what to know about the brain-gut connection and how seaweed, when combined with therapy, may be able to improve our collective mental health.

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Is Seaweed the Next Game-Changing Trend in Hair Care Products?

Can people nourish their hair, make themselves feel great and be mindful of the planet? Consumers are increasingly eager for an answer as they attempt to make more eco-conscious buying decisions. Formulators that can harness the power of an all-natural ingredient that can improve sheen and follicle health without creating any harmful byproducts can control the market. Our blog explores how seaweed might offer the answer that hair care companies are seeking.

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Is Kelp Powder for Teeth the Next Big Oral Care Trend? Early Research Has Us Excited

The sugars and acids found in modern diets have been ruinous for dental health. In fact, there’s been a 20.6% rise in cavities worldwide over a 17-year period thanks to the enamel-eroding capability of many processed foods. What if an all-natural ingredient in dental care could strengthen enamel without all the additional chemicals found in major toothpaste brands? As of late, research has investigated the potency of seaweed as an all-natural oral care ingredient and early results appear promising.

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The Brown Seaweed Supplement Benefits That Boost Your Gut Health, Mental Health and More

Seaweed is rising in popularity in America as part of people’s health routines. Yet varied species of this marine resource provide people with different benefits. In this blog, we discuss the research around how brown seaweed can increase gut health, mental health and the health of plenty of other systems throughout the body.

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Is Your Craft Beer Vegan Friendly? Here’s How to Find the Right Beer Clarifying Agent

Is your brewery producing vegan friendly beer? Though grain, hops, yeast and sugar all fit a vegan diet, some of the clarifying agents and additives on the market do not. Irish moss is the best choice for breweries that want to lock down this multi-billion dollar demographic. In this blog, we talk about the history, science and the current supply chain issues that make Irish moss more appealing than isinglass.

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5 Foods of the Future That Can Contribute to Sustainability

Climate change has the potential to threaten your favorite foods. Everything from wheat, corn and chicken to chocolate, coffee and wine might dwindle in availability or vanish completely. Will people all over the world turn to these five overlooked foods to fight hunger and fulfill their nutritional needs? Find out in our blog about the future of food.

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Acadian SeaPlus™ Releases New Chondracanthus chamissoi Seaweed Product to Global Markets

Are you looking for a safe and exceptional ingredient for your products? Acadian SeaPlus™ is eager to announce the availability of Chondracanthus chamissoi to businesses ranging from functional food, nutraceuticals and brewing to cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Here’s how this species of red algae can help improve people’s lives naturally.

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Can Chefs Liven Up Their Fine Dining Plating with Seaweed?

Presentation is everything for chefs. Catch a customer’s eye, whether from across the room or on Instagram, and they’ll order the best dishes you have to offer. One core plating principle that makes a significant first impression is the color palate you choose. In this blog, we talk about how our Hana Tsunomata® seaweed can brighten up entrées or seaweed salad, adding a vivid visual flair to complement your exceptional dishes.

Brighten your plates with seaweed


Can a Seaweed Plastic Alternative Save the World? A London Startup Says Yes

Not every piece of plastic needs to last for a lifetime, but millions of tons of single-use plastics are clogging landfills and polluting the ocean. Companies have an opportunity to help protect the planet and their products with sustainable substitutes to plastic. Here’s how one London-based startup is pioneering a method to use seaweed as an alternative to the plastics used in drink bottles, food packaging and other short-term uses.

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