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Is Mineral Sunscreen Better Than Chemical? It Is with Seaweed


Consumers are realizing that the sunscreen they grew up with isn’t all it’s cracked up to be for both the environment and their own health. As everyday knowledge about the harms of solar radiation expands, people are eager to find products that keep their skin safe from ultraviolet rays, reduce the signs of aging, and […]

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Looking for Natural Hair Loss Treatments That Get Results? Here’s the Buzz about Seaweed Powder for Hair Growth


For almost as long as people have been losing their hair, innovators have sought wonder treatments to regrow it. The Ancient Egyptians tested a mixture of animal fats (drawing from hippos, serpents, and everything in between) to restore hair to a balding person’s head. And that’s one of the least revolting natural remedies their desperate […]

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Want a Healthy Heart? Add These 6 Foods to Your Diet


Your heart deserves lots of TLC. Unfortunately, modern diets aren’t always designed with the health of our cardiovascular system in mind. Processed foods high in fat, sugar and salt can take a toll on the workhorse of our internal organs, reducing the overall quality and length of life of the average North American.  We’ve put […]

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Will These Breakthroughs in Seaweed Science Transform Your Industry?


Seaweed is an incredible natural resource. Coastal communities have witnessed its benefits for generations, but now the scientific community is finally catching up. In 2021, we discussed a variety of benefits for industries ranging from hair care, oral care and mental health to the brewing, food and beverage and CPG industries. If you missed any […]

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